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Extended Workforce Solution

On-Demand Solution for Managing Extended Workforce Background Screening

Your organization’s entire workforce introduces risk, whether these individuals are your employees or not, so it is vitally important to take control of background screening your extended workforce which includes  temporary or contingent workers, contractors and even vendor representatives who work at your site.

HireRight Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) Solution streamlines extended workforce background screening for your organization and helps reduce potential risks.

You hold your vendors accountable for background screening according to your standards, and they receive special discounts on screening services.

HireRight EWS Solution Benefits

The HireRight EWS Solution enables your organization to help ensure your non-employee workforce meets policy requirements by allowing you to determine the background screening standards your vendors and staffing agencies must meet.

The HireRight EWS Solution seamlessly integrates with the HireRight Global management platform, so your organization can manage its entire background screening program from a unified solution and experience the same quality results for all elements of your workforce.

  • Automates extended workforce background screening programs
  • Consolidates program management to a single solution
  • Promotes vendor compliance with background screening policies
  • Simplifies implementation and expansion of EWS programs to additional vendors

Key Features

  • Centralized program management
  • Enables you to define the screening services your vendors run
  • Ability to view and audit your vendor's screening results
  • Analysis and management reports
  • Easy-to-send personalized emails to invite vendors into the program
  • Vendor self-registration for easy onboarding
  • Specialized vender support
  • Ability to delegate adminstration to a 3rd-party organization

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